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Technology: the essence of out way of working

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To scale efficiently we build capabilities and not just products.

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We learn and challenge ourselves

IT Bootcamp, a development program for those who join out IT team.

We do intensive training in our technological stack in which we learnd languages, agile methodologies, monitoring tools and other key skills to be able to do our best as from day one.


Get to know the profiles that are part of our teams.

Software Engineer Backend

They program quality code and collaborate on architecture definitions for hight-performance, scalable solutions.

Software Engineer Frontend

They build efficient and reusable Frontend systems, performing engineering, analysis, prototyping, and testing with users and products.

Software Engineer Mobile (Android & iOS)

They program code for our Mobile products and collaborate on scalable definitions and microservices architectures.

Data Scientist

They design, train, and assess Machine Learning models capable of adapting to complex, efficient and automated production environments.

Data Engineer

They manipulate large volumes of data to design and implement projects and architectures with high performance and scalability.

UX Designer

They lead all phases of product design for web projects, ensuring the best user experience in each initiative.



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