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Co-creating the best place to work in Latin America

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Together we challenge our limits. We never settle.

Being part of MELI is more than just a job- it’s an opportunity to go beyond every day and take pride in the impact we’re having with the work we do in all the countries in which we operate.

Marcos galperin in the garage where he created Mercado Libre

“The result of our culture put into action is why today we are one of the best places to work in the world.”

Sebastián Fernández Silva

Sebastián Fernández Silva

People Senior Vice President

Mercado Libre’s team in New York in front of nasdaq sign
Mercado Libre’s leaders receiving award as a Great Place to Work

“Together with several friends, we set out to start, knowing that risk was our driving force. This was more than 20 years ago, today we are here, knowing that the best is yet to come.”

Marcos Galperin

Marcos Galperin

CEO & Founder

Mercado Libre’s plane taking off
Worker smiling in Mercado Libre’s offices.
People in 20 years anniversary party of Mercado Libre
Mercado Libre’s logo transformation for COVID pandemic.

We make the invisible visible

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We are looking for people who...

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Are enthusiastic about learning

To us, thirst for knowledge is the fuel that powers our teams to go beyond. We encourage continuous learning and reward the extra effort, as we believe both contribute to your personal achievement.

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Live by our DNA and culture

We are committed to a more inclusive and supportive culture for all our employees. Our different perspectives and experiences define who we are and drive our ability to innovate.

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Give their best in diverse environments

We promote an inclusive culture that values different perspectives in search of innovation.

Mercado Libre’s workers outside the office.

Creating challenging opportunities to maximize professional growth.

We learn by doing. We constantly push ourselves to be our very best.

Worker in Mercado Libre’s deposit.

We take care of ourselves to go further

We work to enhance the well-being of our team.

Worker smiling in Mercado Libre’s offices.

Flexibility. A new way forward.

We work in a distribution center, in the office or from home with the freedom to choose our own working hours.

If you got here, you have to know this ...

  • How long does the selection process take?

  • What kind of questions are asked in an interview?

  • If I’m not selected in a certain process, may I apply again for another vacancy?

  • Why doesn’t the system allow “Apply Now” in a Search?

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