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Fintech: our way
of transforming
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of people

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We want to be the starting point for the growth of millions of people.

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We seek to democratize access to financial services.

More that half of Latin American populations do not have access to traditional financial services and this motivates us to work every day to that more and more people have access to incluvsive tools that allow them to grow and develop.


Get to know the profiles that are part of our teams.

Business Developer

We develop out business in the segments where we operate, implementing long-term growth/relationship strategies.

Fintech Operations

We monitor the operation and carry out the optimization of precesses, ensuring that MercadoPago transactions are carried out correctly.

Strategic Planning

Proyectamos y planificamos el crecimiento del negocio, desarrollando estrategias que nos permitan alcanzar objetivos.

Growth and Continuous Improvement

We analyze the information of out businesses, to optimize processes and build together with other areas, growth strategies and process improvement.

Data Science & Data Analytics

We are in charge of the construction of predictive models and data analysis to support the business in decision-making.

Product Development

We project and plan the growth of the business, developing strategies that allow us to achieve objectives and dimensioning the results of out products.



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